Native Voyage 2022

This month Louise Gibson installed a permanent commission for The Grove Hotel in Watford. The project was a private commission that was realised in collaboration with  Polynt composites a global resin Manufacturer. The piece is cross sections of a ejection seat parachute cast in polyester resin. The resin has been specifically designed by the artist for this project. The colours are created through chemical reactions that occur when formulating the resin using carbons and oxycures. These additives are ordinarily used to configure resins for various industries to manufacture goods. The piece is on display within the Hotel grounds and is open for all to visit when using the prestigious Golf club or by appointment. 

New studio

Louise recently moved into a new studio


Louise is currently working between Glasgow and Edinburgh on a large scale commission for The Grove Hotel and on a public art commission for ‘Safari of Sorts’ a new sculpture trail with LTD INK corporation. She is also making new work in the studio. Exhibitions will be announced later this year.


Nicola sturgeon visits the studio for SCAN’s (Scottish Contemporary Art Network) A current Art in Action campaign that aims to champion the value and importance of the arts. The campaign encourages arts organisations, initiatives, professionals etc to invite their local MSP to their site or space in order to see what’s going on in their constituency and see the positive impact of it. You can find out a bit more HERE

2018/19 A Pallet of Polyesters

Gibson has a base in a satellite lab at ASCUS Art and science (Edinburgh) where she is working on a long term research project with polynt composites. The research focuses on creating a pallet of diverse polyester resin colours, solely from chemical reactions. it explores different processes during casting, which might create exciting new opportunities for both art and plastics production. She is using some products created through the research for the first time this year for a public artwork commissioned for the grounds of The Grove Hotel in Watford. The finished sculpture is due for completion in June 2019.

2016 Untitled

WW2 ejection seat parachute, miscellaneous fragments of steel, resin, lacquer
private commission for Smartloft art and apartments Berlin. Gibson created a artwork for the hotels elevator ceiling.

2017 lacquering work in the local ‘Spritzcabin (car oven) in Berlin

2017 Lacquering work along the road from the studio in the local car garage oven. from louise gibson on Vimeo.

2016 At the factory, processing a body of new work at naturstein-gehr Tangermünde

naturstein-gehr Tangermünde 2016 from louise gibson on Vimeo.

2016 Processing New Work in Berlin

2016 The Artist Edition Catalog

See the 2016 The Artist Catalog.

ANTERIOR The Artist Edition

A one off collaboration between Berlin based fashion label Front Row Society and three Berlin based artists.

2016 Collection The Artist Label in collaboration with Front Row Society 2016:

The Artist Label 2016 Louise Gibson

Promotional film for Artist collaboration with Front Row Society 2016: