’Untitled’ 2024

Digital Drawing from a current commission in May 2024 in Sellin, Germany
’Untitled’ 2024 (Title will be revealed on completion)  
Resin, Artefacts, Fabric and Lacquer 
2 Walls – 2061 x 160 x 2757mm

‘Untitled’ Concept  

The Architects Thomas Arnold and Birgit Klauck designed a holiday home for the coastal town of Rugen on the Baltic Sea in Germany. The house was built in 2023 and completed in December 2023. In October 2022 T. Arnold contacted me to discuss installing an artwork in the house or it’s surrounding garden area. After a long conversation it was decided to create two artworks in the form of two walls between the upstairs bedrooms and their en-suites. The Artworks were made from specifically designed polyester resin and encased objects and fabric. T. Arnold and B. Klauck gave me some topics of inspiration for the artwork. From these I focused on the following: 

The Amber room – The red and orange tones and carvings that depict stories and culture 

Travel – T. Arnold, B. Klauck and their family traveled the world on their boat and collected objects and memories along the way that have been incorporated into the final design. 

Colour – to depict the ocean and the sky – T. Arnold and B. Klauck shared with me a painting that was personal to them and their family, this was a reference image when creating the colour layers in the artwork.

You can see details and follow the process of how this work is being made at Louise’s Instagram page HERE